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Niranjan Ultrasound India Pvt. Ltd Introduces ‪‎Ultrasound‬ ‪Service‬ to You with Missed Call System !!!

Niranjan Ultrasound India Pvt. Ltd Introduces ‪‎Ultrasound‬ ‪Service‬ to You with Missed Call System !!!

Mobile phones have become a multifaceted device and different dimension.One such facilitating call management is Missed call alert. The missed call alert is a lead generation value added service that allows mobile operators to equip the customers with an easy to use call log and notification system, for the calls missed Niranjan Ultrasound Executive will get in touch with you.

The missed call alert service uses SMS to inform Niranjan Ultrasound India Pvt. Ltd. about the calls missed whilst our Customer Care Executive will get in touch with you for your Ultrasound Solutions.

For operators, the Missed Call Alert service offers several benefits, such as:

  • Increased call completion rate and enhanced fast services, by using the missed call alert platform for push advertising.
  • Missed call alerts increase the average services rendered per user thereby increasing the overall timely service solutions offered. It reduces customer churn by enhancing user experience.For business users, MCA improves productivity.


The concept of missed calls has redefined the usage of telephones over the past decade. The missed call alert service has been found as a tremendously helpful tool within a scenario where online calls or more precisely the free internet calls have helped the escalation of a large number of consumers, missed call alert service is one of the major contributors in the sustainability for various services for easy accessability of reaching customers through mobile phones.

So dear customers feel free to call us on 9669667766 for all your inquiries & problems for your ultrasound needs. Sit back & relax when Niranjan Ultrasound Team is working to get rid of your ultrasound worries.

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